Each Flexicast WiFi Audio device is capable of distributing audio to up to 250 concurrent customer devices provided the Wifi hotspot in use is capable of supporting that many users. If more are needed you can either simply add another device for the same audio to double the users served, or contact us for a customised solution.

Flexicast WiFi Audio is far superior to the very expensive audio-zoning options used in some sports bars which project sound into zones. These systems do not promote a complete social experience as from time to time you may be interested in listening to cricket while your mate is interested in footy, so you must stand well apart to enjoy your chosen entertainment.

The Flexicast WiFi Audio audio devices are controlled via a simple website with which you can name each device and adjust capture settings. These names will appear in the app’s list of channels for viewers to select.

The audio to be captured can be accessed via a TV standard “audio out” port, a headphone socket or “line out” socket, and with the aid of a low cost converter; an optical or coaxial digital audio port. In the case of some commercial channel services this audio can be sourced from a set-top-box instead.

Other audio sources beyond televisions can be added to the services your customers enjoy. These include public announcements, music, audio from live speeches, raffle announcements, bingo and lotto calls, auctions and games. Using headphones, the experience of public monuments, parks, museums and art galleries can all be enhanced with additional audio information or entertainment without impacting the ambiance of the experience of others attending.

Ideal solution for customers to hear televisions and audio in;

  • Sports Bars, Clubs, Pubs & TABs
  • Gyms
  • Airport Gate Lounges, Train Announcements, Bus Tours
  • Hospital and Doctors’ waiting rooms
  • Fast Food Restaurants, Cafes, Coffee Shops
  • High-value Conferences where paying attendees may struggle to hear
  • Auctions
  • Hair dressing salons
  • Multilingual situations
  • Churches, Bingo Calls, Raffles, Concerts
  • Anywhere where patrons can’t hear easily due to echos or background noise
  • Accompanying TVs in Banks and other similar situations to shorten perceived queue times
  • Libraries, Museums and Public Monuments

Too many more to mention