Does Flexicast Wifi Audio Impact A Venue’s Internet Allowance ?

All audio data from the Flexicast Wifi Audio system stays on the local LAN only and does not contribute to internet use. The Flexicast Wifi Audio server units connect to external Flexicast servers for operating system maintenance, support logging and to interface with the web control system. The internet use for the system is trivial and will not add a noticeable difference to overall internet data usage.

Using Flexicast WiFi Audio With Or Without An Internet Exposed Hot-spot

The Flexicast Wifi Audio system will work equally well on either an internet exposed or closed Hot-spot however there are some issues to be aware of. The Flexicast Wifi Audio server units need to have access to the internet to reach our servers for updates and configuration, however these can be fire-walled down to allow just TCP ports 745 & 746 outbound to achieve this.

Many venues now offer free internet access via a Hot-spot to patrons. Outside of the 2 ports above, it is optional whether you allow patrons to access the internet through your internet Hot-spot. You should be aware that some versions of mobile device operating systems will only allow connection to one of either a Wifi or a mobile internet network at a time. If a customer is using one of these devices and connects to a closed Wifi hotspot, he or she may not be able to access internet sites at the same time as accessing your Wifi network.

Regardless of whether the Hot-spot allows customers to access the internet or not, Flexicast Wifi Audio will work reliably.