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The Flexicast WiFi Audio app is free for anyone to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Once it’s installed it’s simply a matter of starting the app, selecting the name of the television you wish to listen to and you’re away.

The app features the ability to adjust the volume on your device, mute and unmute the audio.

Other features include:

wifi-reliability Wifi Reliability – Indicates how cleanly audio packets are arriving via WiFi. WiFi jitter and heavy local apps can affect audio quality.
wifi-signal WiFi Signal – Indicates the strength of the WiFi signal. If this ios low we suggest moving to a seat where the signal is satisfactory.

Lower Latency / Higher Quality Slider – Adjusts how tightly the app tracks the live audio stream.

Lower latency improves lip-sync but too far will cause audio glitches from WiFi jitter.

Higher Quality accommodates higher jitter at the expense of tight lip-sync. Perfect for music, radio, announcements etc.