Is a high end router necessary ?

The wireless system hosting a Flexicast Wifi Audio service may comprise a Wireless Router combination or a seperate router and Wireless Access Point. Many commercial WAP systems will provide the Wifi layer to an existing wired LAN and will not provide the function of a gateway router as a function of the unit.

Whether the router you use incorporates the WAP or not, it is important to use a router that is configured to have a DHCP pool large enough to service the number of concurrent users you wish to service. Often the DHCP pool is set to only 100 addresses by default, and this may not be sufficient for you venue’s needs.

If you intent to run a combination router with built-in WAP, see the section on “Importance of a quality Wifi system” as it has advice on choosing a good WAP.

If your router is separate to the WAP, you need not worry too much about running a high end router for the Flexicast Wifi Audio system other than the DHCP pool considerations above. The system runs primarily on the LAN only which does not involve the router once a local IP address has been issued.

You may plan to offer a general internet access Hot Spot to patrons through the wireless system that Flexicast Wifi Audio is hosted on, this should be the activity defining the router you need rather than the audio system.

If you are considering routers for the Flexicast Wifi Audio system only, save some money by buying a lower grade (but reliable) router and use the saved money to spend on a higher grade WAP instead.