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Let Customers Hear Your TVs On Their Own Phone!!

Flexicast WiFi Audio addresses the ever present problem of having multiple TV screens in a venue, but not being able to have accompanying sound. With ‘Flexicast WiFi Audio’, customers can hear any TV that is available in your venue, on their own hand held device.

Flexicast WiFi Audio utilises the power of Flexicast Terminators and streams sound to your customers via your in house WiFi and their handheld device (iPhone, Android phone, Tablet etc.). Patrons have their choice of totally private listening using ‘ear buds’, or to share the sound with their friends, with the phone’s in built speaker. Users can choose which channel to listen to, and change between channels at will.

“It’s just kicking off, but if pubs and clubs across Australia start adding Flexicast to their screens your sports viewing experience might just go from good to great at the local pub in future.”

Trevor Long – EFTM

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Users simply download a free app, install it on their phone, connect to your public WiFi and they can use Flexicast WiFi Audio.Users can choose which TV to listen to, and change between them at will.

As well as being used for TVs, Flexicast WiFi Audio can be used for things such as Bingo calls, Racing Radio, Microphones or any other audio you choose.

Using ‘Flexicast WiFi Audio’, patrons are free to move about your venue, whilst still enjoying their preferred audio source. ‘Flexicast WiFi Audio’ will enable people waiting for a game to start, or a race to run, to ‘stay tuned’ whilst ordering a meal or a drink. They can play Bingo or listen to a game whilst using your poker machines at the same time, or simply sit and fully enjoy the sport of their choice, even from the beer garden!With Flexicast WiFi Audio, your staff will not need to alter volume for customers, nor deal with conflicts about who wants to listen to what. Everyone will be able to select what they want to hear.

Flexicast WiFi Audio will change forever the way patrons enjoy your venue and we are very excited to be able to bring it to you. It will quickly become a ‘Must Have’ and will ensure your venue will be the preferred venue in your area.



How Much Does it cost

Flexicast WiFi Audio is a low cost solution for venues, as it utilises Flexicast Terminators, which can be used for multiple functions. There will be a small ‘per channel’ fee involved, but as with other Flexicast products, there will be no lock in contracts, leaving venues free to increase or reduce services as required. Call us for a quote.

Multiple Uses

Flexicast Terminators are designed to offer more than one service at a time. Using Flexicast, the Terminators that deliver TV sound can also be used to display your choice of many other services including:

  • Enhanced Racing Odds Displays
  • Graphic, ‘Head to Head’ Sporting Odds
  • Social Media Feeds
  • Race Tiping Services
  • And Many More

Ask us about what great value for money services Flexicast can deliver to your venue.