Flexicast WiFi Audio captures the audio output of local televisions in real-time and streams it via a local Wifi system to BYOD customer phones and tablets. Audio never leaves the premises, is not exposed to the internet and is not stored anywhere at any time. At no time is audio sent to remote servers and streamed anywhere, it is effectively the same model as the use of wireless headphones.


Importance of a quality WiFi system

Of all of the components that form your audio network, the quality of the Wireless Access Point is the most critical factor. If possible aim for a commercial quality access point as home-use WAPs typically will not allow many more than 10-15 concurrent users before causing a severe drop in audio quality from jitter, gaps in service or denying access to further users.

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What are the wireless access points that have been approved/recommended for use with Flexicast WiFi Audio ?

Clarity and low latency = high customer acceptance. It is critically important to use a high performance dual mode WAP that is capable of delivering a stream of data with low jitter 24/7 to deliver an acceptable service. Many routers will work sufficiently for short periods but performance will degrade over hours or days. To ensure a satisfactory result please ensure you use one of the following tested WAPs;

Ubiquity Unifi AP AC (set up as distinct 2.4G & 5G radios, not in AC mode, currently no other Ubiquity models have passed testing).

Ruckus zoneflex R300 or higher spec ruckus (as distinct 2.4 & 5Ghz radios).

UniFi Access Point Outdoor 5GHzs (5Ghz Only. Use to suplement existing 2.4 Ghz. Can be used outdoors).

* Note: always promote use of the 5Ghz radio with 2.4Ghz as last resort for very old phones only.

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Is a high end router necessary ?

If your router is separate to the WAP then: No, the router plays only a minor role in the system. If you are using a combined router/WAP then you will need a quality unit to get the WAP quality required.

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What level of network switch should be used?

If a switch is needed you need a reasonable quality switch. The more users you plan to run the harder it will need to work.

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Does Flexicast WiFi Audio Impact A Venue’s Internet Allowance ?

No, Flexicast WiFi Audio does not use the internet to send or receive audio outside of your LAN so does not significantly impact your internet plan.

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Can I use my wireless Terminators ?

These Terminators can be used but require cabling with Cat5. Using the Wifi would add latency.

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Why Wouldn’t I Always Turn On The ‘Quality’ and ‘Low Latency’ Options ?

Because it may work your Wifi system  too hard when lots of users are online.

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2.4Ghz or 5Ghz Wifi ?

To overcome increasing congestion in the 2.4Ghz range we recommend only wireless access points that have both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz radios and promoting use of the 5Ghz radio instead of 2.4Ghz. Most modern mobiles support 5Ghz and it is designed for higher performance streaming systems such as Flexicast WiFi Audio. It is common for 2.4Ghz Wifi networks to deliver poor performance in pub/club situations.. Some WAPs also support AC mode, these are a good option but we recommend setting them up as separate SSIDs for the 2 bands rather than using the AC mode if you are already experiencing 2.4Ghz interference.

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What Are The Big Operational “Don’ts” ?

Don’t DIY your Wireless Access Point and expose your private network to people unless you really know what you are doing.

Don’t reboot routers serving DHCP!

Don’t use home grade WAPs in commercial situations (see ‘Importance of a quality WiFi system’) for more on this.

Don’t neglect your customer, be aware of service difficulties in case your Wifi system is not keeping up with the load.

Don’t waste the opportunity, Flexicast Wifi Audio is new, tell your customers about it!

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