Why Wouldn’t I Always Turn On The ‘Quality’ and ‘Low Latency’ Options ?

The old adage that you cant get something for nothing is at work here. Selecting ‘Quality’ mode implies the system will send more data to each device which will reach Wifi throughput limits with less users. Using this mode also halves the total number of people each Terminator can service.

The “Low Latency” option is not so bad and each Terminator will still serve the same number of people however it will still work your Wifi system twice as hard so it may require a higher spec WAP to keep up during heavy use times.

Using the two options together will put very heavy load on your Wifi system.

Our suggestion would be that as sound quality is already very good leave it off, and use the Low Latency feature when you first install and once you get over 100 users turn that feature off to handle further growth. For very small installs

If you have a very small site (<50 concurrent users) such as a doctor’s waiting room with a limited number of users then both options would be ideally on.